DRAW+SneakPeek manual



On Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)

  1. Create an Amazon Account
  2. In order to use The DRAW Image on Amazon, you must first have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.
    To create an account use their signin page: Signin/Signup
    Accounts creation is free. Charges are not incurred until AWS services are used.
    EC2 and EBS are the primary services required for signup.

  3. Select the Draw/SneakPeek Amazon Machine Image (AMI)
  4. The selection of the AMI is done using the web console.
    Here is a guide for using the console with a specific AMI. Guide

    The Draw AMI ID is ami-a4c934cd.You can have access to this private AMI once you provide the DRAW team with your 12-digit AWS Account Number found on the "My Account" page.

  5. Indentifying your Instance on the console
  6. Once your instance is launched it would be shown on your instances list within your control panel. You can identify it by locating its AMI ID and matching it with the Draw AMI ID. AWS provides a conprehsive guide on connecting to your linux instance.

On Penn PGFI cluster

If you have an account on Penn PGFI cluster, you can access our copy of DRAW and thus there's no need for installation.
Please contact us for location.

on your own linux machine

Make changes in draw.ini to fit your computer system.
The most important variable is DRAW_HOME. It should be the absolute path to DRAW (draw.ini and cmd_draw's parent directory).
Provide mysql database connection if you would like to use SneakPeek.


click to download draw.tar.gz, or visit Wang Lab website.


last updated on Oct 25, 2012
by Chiao-Feng Lin